Monday, September 18, 2006

How lame is it to still like Weird Al* at my age (or at any age, for that matter)? And yet, I think his new Chamillionaire parody, "White & Nerdy," is genius. So excuse me for being lame... but as a genius once sang, it's hip to be square.
(Update: here's a link that works)

* Note: Some friends and I went to see Al perform live on his "Bad Hair Day" tour (yes, I know... but he's really quite a showman... more costume changes than Madonna or Mariah). When the concert ended, we were standing outside the venue and there was a huge line of people with backstage passes waiting to meet Al (I think they got the passes from his fan club). Someone who had just come from backstage asked if anyone wanted his pass, and I immediately grabbed it. I waited on line for like 30 minutes, went backstage and met him. He signed my "Bad Hair Day" CD (which I conveniently happened to have with me), and then, trying to be funny and original, I asked him when we can expect UHF 2. He gave me an annoyed look, muttered under his breath that it was highly unlikely, then shooed me away. I guess he's still a little sore that the movie tanked so badly. And now he and I have beef.

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Jabooky said...

Hilarious, too bad RIAA had it removed already...