Friday, September 01, 2006

I Shook Axl's Hand!
Yes, towards the end of an interminable day floor-producing last night's VMA Live: Backstage Uncensored (a.k.a. the behind-the-scenes show streaming live on MTV Overdrive during the VMA's), the one and only Axl came down to my position in the basement to practice his teleprompter read and to do an interview with John Norris*. And although he was whisked back to the talent holding room before I could ask for a photo with him, I did manage to shake his hand while gushing like a pathetic fanboy about how excited I was to meet him. He couldn't have been nicer about my nerdiness, so I will forgive the fact that his hair looks like yarn and that his shirt had about four too many buttons undone.

* That interview contained my favorite exchange of the night (of the online portion). As his last question, John asked about the status of Chinese Democracy, and Axl assured him it's coming this year. When pressed for something more specific, Axl hesitated.
John: But it'll happen before democracy comes to China.
Axl: (rolling his eyes) Unfortunately.

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brotherjimmy said...

No, it's amazing Axl Rose shook Brian Greene String Theorist's hand. That is something I thought I would never see! Wait, you are that Brian Greene right?

(BG that is awesome, totally worth working on a show that had less highlights than Beyonce's hair)