Thursday, November 16, 2006

A co-worker was given a 20Q Music and passed it along to me (since she knows how much I love collecting random crap). The device asks you questions, and based on your answers it's supposed to guess what music-related person, place, or thing you're thinking about. For some reason the gadget isn't working, so I decided to give the online version a test-drive.
"Weird Al" Yankovic was what I had in mind (don't ask me why), and here are the questions and how I answered:
1. It is classified as Person.
2. Are you a group? No.
3. Do you perform Rock? Sometimes.
4. Were you on tour in 2005? No.

5. Do you lead a group? No.
6. Are you from Philadelphia? No.
7. Do you sing? Yes.
8. Do you appear in movies? Yes.
9. Were you popular in the 50's? No.
10. Have you performed live since 2000? Yes.
11. Do you wear makeup? Sometimes.
12. Does your name start with the letter J? No.
13. Are you black? No.
14. Do you have blonde hair? No.
15. Do you wear strange costumes? Sometimes.
16. Are you a lead singer? Yes.
17. Have you had a Top 40 hit in the last 5 years? Yes.
18. I guessed that it was Björk? Wrong.
19. Were you popular in the 60's? No.
20. I guessed that it was Lindsay Lohan? Wrong.
21. Do you perform Pop? Yes.
22. Do you play Alternative music? Sometimes.
23. I guessed that it was Alanis Morissette? Wrong.
24. Were you popular in the 70's? No.
25. Are you from the U.K.? No.
26. Does your name start with the letter C? No.
27. Are you known for your live performances? Doubtful.
28. I guessed that it was Mandy Moore? Wrong.
29. I guessed that it was Paris Hilton? Wrong.
30. I guessed that it was Andrea Corr? Wrong.

Then it gave up and told me I'd won. But a hollow victory it was, given how far off its guesses were. When's the last time someone confused Weird Al for Lindsay Lohan? Or Andrea Corr?


brotherjimmy said...

Noon on a Friday and no post yet, come on what the hell am I paying for here!?!?

brotherjimmy said...

Friday at 6pm and still no post!! I'm getting sick of refreshing this page, come on pick up the pace.

(seriously, is everything ok?)