Friday, November 10, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
Vanessa Hudgens was our special co-host for the day on Monday. Her video "Come Back To Me" had spent a few days on the countdown, but not since October 16th. So we did a stunt with her where her video could "come back to" the countdown if she wanted to replace one of that day's requests with her own video (she ended up replacing Weird Al's "White & Nerdy").
At the end of the show, VJDamien was supposed to say to her that she did a great job and that she can come back anytime to co-host again. During the #1 video, VJDamien was chatting with her and asked her if she did want to come back tomorrow. She replied, "I don't know... Will my video be on the countdown?"
For someone so young and new to the industry, she sure learns quickly.

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brotherjimmy said...

LSTT End of year poll for TRL Moment of the Year and/or LSTT Story of the year? Whose with me?

My nominees-

Damien taking the Hulk Hogan shirt.

Your message from Chuck Klosterman.

The Britney Spears pregnancy statue, was that this year?