Monday, November 20, 2006

Pour, Pour Pitiful Me
Went back to the Village Pourhouse, and the Fins victory made them 3-0 since I've started watching games there. Alas, I'm not sure that I'll be able to return. At 1:15pm I ordered some boneless BBQ wings. 40 minutes (and 2 complaints to the waitress) later, my friends and I started placing bets as to whether I'd get my food before halftime. The answer: no. More complaints actually caused my waitress to say, "Argh, I'm so mad at you" and air-strangle me, as if it was my fault that I hadn't gotten my food. Sometime around 2:15, she brings out a plate of spicy bone-in wings. I tell her that's not what I ordered, she took it back, and returned 20 minutes after that with the correct food. Although by that point she had forgotten about my friend's BBQ chicken sandwich, and actually had to be reminded what he had ordered, which means she never placed the order with the kitchen. We left a skimpy $6 tip on a $75 tab, and now I'm not sure I can go back there. I'll be in Florida on Sunday for this week's game, and if the Fins lose, I'll have no choice but to return. Their slim playoff hopes hinge on it!

* Quick note: the highlight of my time there is that one of my friends kept accidentally referring to Chad Johnson as Occo Chinko instead of Ocho Cinco, which in the wrong situation could have landed him in Michael Richards-ish hot water.

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Your Waitress said...

I shat in your food. Fuck you and fuck the Dolphins.