Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So the new SoundScan numbers came out today, and Brooke Hogan's debut album, Undiscovered, sold 29,732 copies its first week. Not very good, considering that it was produced by uber-producer Scott Storch, that the first single featured Paul Wall, and that she had a reality show (Hogan Knows Best) devoted almost exclusively to promoting it. Worse, I just checked and discovered that Hulk Hogan's 1995 album Hulk Rules has sold 21,000 copies even though it was basically a children's novelty album with no promotion / music videos / performances behind it.
Seems to me she needs to start working on her mustache and 24-inch pythons.


brotherjimmy said...

Awesome research. What I always find amazing is that 20,000 people actually did buy it. There's no joke there...I mean 20,000 morons really spent money on it, how sad.

Doctor Jones said...

Actually, she only needs to work on the 24-inch pythons.