Friday, November 03, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
Tuesday's Halloween show was one of our dreaded Overdrive days, where we have a backstage show running simultaneously online. For one of the segments, we had members of the audience try to conquer their fears. One kid had a fear of lizards, one a fear of spiders, and one a fear of clowns. We brought each of these things into the studio for the kids to confront head-on. For the clown, our segment producer found Wendy the Clown, who may be the worst, most pathetic clown to ever wear make-up. I'm not even kidding... I can't imagine her trying to entertain children at a birthday party. See for yourself here. Sorry, you'll have to sit through a short ad first... then skip ahead to 3:37 (the time counts backwards)

And I just have to point out that this was the week from hell in terms of guests. Every single one backed out of the creative at the last minute. Monday, the All-American Rejects (after promising to strip if their video reached #1 on the countdown) bailed on taking off an article of clothing for each request that wasn't theirs... in fact, the only clothes they took off at all were their shoes. Tuesday, Lady Sovereign was in the midst of a belching contest on the air, but chickened out when her opponent let out a mighty belch and instead simply poured soda all over the studio floor. And Thursday, Kevin Federline refused to do a stunt where we would give him lyrics to Britney's biggest hits and he would have to give the next lines (and easy ones too, such as "My loneliness is killing me, and I must confess, I still believe, ________"), claiming that he doesn't know a single lyric to his wife's songs.
I'm so glad we take the time to prep stunts.

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Tommy Himself said...

Your obvious desire to see All American Rejects get naked is sweet.