Monday, March 19, 2007

The countdown is on... less than 2 weeks until ESPN Classic starts airing reruns of American Gladiators. I was OBSESSED with that show as a kid. I loved watching contestants get beat down. And while I didn't have any interest in getting my ass whooped by a gladiator, I did want to play Atlasphere (probably the safest of the games). I also spent many an hour playing the Nintendo video game (which Wikipedia claims was due to a suggestion from a fan in my hometown, although his entry seems highly dubious). My playing the video game instead of the actual physical game probably explains why I was such a weakling through high school. And now I'm sure having these reruns on will cut into my current gym routine.

On a related note, it seems that Scott Weiland might like to take on Axl Rose in some of these A.G. events, at least based on a backstage interview during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction (go here and under Watch the Big Show, scroll down to Backstage Bits and click on Velvet Revolver on Nick Lachey vs. Axl Rose).

And finally, why is it that dead people get to sit in first class more often than I do?

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Doctor Jones said...

The only thing better than ESPN Classic re-airing the old American Gladiator series is if they shot new episodes with the same Gladiators as they are today. Those fuckers have got to be out of shape or have some serious side effects from the steroid abuse.

They would definitely have to wear the old costumes too.