Thursday, March 15, 2007

The past few days have been miserable for me. Saturday began a streak of nights in which I have not been able to fall asleep due to an incessant bout of coughing. This cough cannot be stopped; it's more persistent than my hatred of P. Diddy. NyQuil, Robitussin, even prescription cough medicine laced with codeine have been proven powerless against this disease. I literally will lie awake for 3 hours, with rarely more than 20 seconds between coughs. I'm exhausted, my throat is sore, I haven't done anything social in almost a week, my mom won't stop calling to check in on me, and I'm just frustrated at the whole thing. Last night showed a bit of improvement (I think I lay awake for just over an hour), which I can probably thank my antibiotics for. Here's hoping I make a full recovery soon.


brotherjimmy said...

God you are cute.

walein said...

feel better...Otherwise take it really easy, whatever you do DON'T do any extra those eyes...don't worry about baseball or statistics or upcoming draft strategies.

Ally said...

I agree w/brother jimmy. Feel better soon.

Doctor Jones said...

Have you tried jerking off?

(With NyQuil!!!)

Laura said...

nyquil robitssin.

It's called 2 bottles buddy.

who cares about a cough when your high?

with the occasional hospital visit.