Friday, March 09, 2007

Writing for Cash Cab is taking over every minute of my life. I can’t go anywhere or do anything without thinking “would this make a good question?” When I meet up with friends, I tell them about how difficult it is to come up with questions, which inevitably leads to them pitching me ideas all night. I can’t escape it.
I’ve resorted to carrying around a pen and paper with me at all times, should inspiration strike. Here’s a sample of things I’ve jotted down this week, both my own ideas and ones given to me by others (note that none of these questions were usable for one reason or another, so if you end up as a contestant, this won’t be any help whatsoever):
Lady of the lake
Slip n Slide
Bounty hunter
Monster truck
Conductor’s wand
Vidal Sassoon
Egg timer
Tomb of Unknown Soldier
Ali Baba
Bellybutton lint
Captain America
4-part harmony
Quick pick
Publisher’s Clearing House
Blowfish poison
Chirping cricket temperature

Feel free to e-mail me with topics.


walein said...

Those topics should be along the lines of:
Most Ks in a season
CG stands for?
"Speed" categories...

Doctor Jones said...

I'm back, bitch.

Oh, yeah, and here are some categories:

Weapons from medieval wars
Guns N Roses
Oval Office daliances
personal aircraft
personal hygiene
Personal lubricant