Sunday, March 25, 2007

I participated in my first ever fantasy baseball auction draft on Saturday. It's a whopping 16-team league, and therefore the draft lasted 10 1/2 hours. Yes, you heard me right. Too much time to spend on something like this? Possibly. Probably. But it was fun nonetheless.
It's a keeper league, so as a new manager, I don't get any keepers, which puts me at a huge disadvantage right off the bat. And with so many teams, each having 24 spots to fill with $270, prices soared sky-high right off the bat, with Pujols going for $60 and Crawford going for $59. Threw me off a bit, but I think I did alright.
Without further ado, here is my roster:
C: J. Posada ($15)
C: M. Piazza ($10)
1B: D. Lee ($37)
1B: A. Gonzales ($15)
2B: B. Roberts ($18)
2B: M. Giles ($2)
SS: Punto ($3)
3B: E. Chavez ($6)
OF: H. Matsui ($23)
OF: A. Dunn ($18)
OF: S. Podsednik ($4)
OF: K. Lofton ($3)
OF: J. Hermida ($1)
OF: J. Hamilton ($3)
SP: R. Harden ($17)
SP: D. Bush ($16)
SP: R. Hill ($12)
SP: D. Cabrera ($9)
SP: I. Snell ($8)
SP: J. Blanton ($5)
RP: J. Nathan ($26)
RP: T. Saito ($10)
RP: M. Gonzales ($4)
RP: J. Valverde ($1)
My offense seems fairly evenly-balanced, with both speed and power, although I could have trouble with batting average. I'm good on relievers, but my starters are shaky: lots of strikeouts, but no guarantee of good win totals or low ERA. Basically I'm lacking a stud starter. Hopefully I can trade for one.
Less than a week until the season starts...

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