Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lost It
(Spoiler alert – don’t read if you didn’t watch last night’s episode of Lost but plan to)
What has happened to this once-amazing show? Last night it hit its lowest point ever. Completely amateurish in both writing and directing, and not particularly good acting either. I told my roommate that it seemed like a Looney Tunes version of the show, given how wacky and energetic the characters seemed, with them slapping each other and hoisting each other into the air. It was filled with continuity errors (when Vincent first appears holding the petrified arm, he’s got it by the hand and the rest of the arm dangles below, but in the next shot he’s holding it towards the elbow and the arm is straight and intact), poor special effects (the meteor crash looked awful), bad make-up (what was up with Cheech’s wig at the beginning?), and lame stereotypes (a disgruntled Asian reporter… never seen that before). Not to mention that the story was utterly lame, predictable, and was the worst offender in what is now quite common of not moving the story along AT ALL (unless the survivors end up driving the van off the island to freedom, which seems highly unlikely). When the van’s ignition roared to life and started playing “Shambala” – the same song playing in Hurley’s flashback, no less!!! – I almost threw the remote at my TV. But I didn’t, so that I could continue watching what are actually good shows this season: The Black Donnellys (loved the pilot, except for the narrator’s acting) and Friday Night Lights (quickly becoming my favorite show on TV).


brotherjimmy said...

As always you are correct sir. Probably the worst episode of Lost I can remember. Who cares, there was no point to that episode!

The audio was off a lot of the show, Sawyer completley changed- if someone stole his shit he would kill them, not help them!

FNL is the best show on television- the only way to make Lost better at this point is for Matt Sarenson to somehow get involved.

Brian said...

Completely right about Sawyer. I was gonna mention that but forgot. And don't all the other survivors hate him? They sure seemed happy to see him when he and Kate returned, shaking his hand and giving him hugs. Totally out of line with the rest of the series.

brotherjimmy said...

AND.....what a lame tease by ABC.

Uh yeah no one is talking about Lost at work today...excpet for maybe how awful it was.

Yeah that was really a twist ending- bringing back the most under developed charachter on the show. The French woman- does she even have a name...who cares- is it too late to bring back Mr. Ecko?!?