Saturday, May 19, 2007

Last night I had the pleasure of working MTV's Human Giant 24-hour takeover. Man, if I wasn't fan of those guys before (which I was), I am now (um, even more so). They really kept the funny coming all 24 hours, and stayed friendly and collected the entire time, even when we literally had no idea what they'd be doing two minutes in the future. I'm pleased to say that they reached their goal of 1,000,000 hits to the website... and I guarantee that was not rigged. So here comes the second season!
There are highlights of the marathon posted here. My favorite stuff is all of the Fabrice Fabrice bits (although they didn't post his first appearance, which was my favorite because he calls Raven "a big fat person" and used the line "I will hit you like a racist person of one race hits another person of a different race that he despises"), Ted Leo's performance of "Me and Mia" (his amp blew out and he had to ad-lib lyrics until they fixed it... ah the wonders of live television), Albert Hammond Jr.'s performances (both the first and second), Cracked Out Math, and MySpace Tom. I wish that their argument with their "writer" was posted, or Bob Odenkirk's visit, or Zach Galifianakis's bits. The Sexy Webcam girl stuff was great too, especially since they showed the disgusting surgery footage on MTV's giant HD screen for all of Times Square to see, and let me tell you, unsuspecting tourists were pretty grossed out. And for anyone who may have been offended by Paul's early-morning, ill-advised reference to Adam Walsh, I can assure you that he didn't know that Adam's head had ever been found (he thought he was still missing) and he feels terrible about it. Cut the guy some slack... he'd been on the air for like 18 hours straight at that point.
One final thing: the site also links to my favorite Human Giant sketch (except for the very end). Try not to read the description before you watch it.

Update: Was just browing through Subterranean's 24-hour blog and found this entry. Hey, who's that guy with the goofy headset and awesome green garden-gnome t-shirt that you can't see because I never turned around to face the camera? That's me!
And leave it to Will Arnett to give the funniest interview response.


Ben said...

WOW! That was the best 24 hours of MTV of my entire 27 years. Thank you for your work!

(other) Ben

Anonymous said...

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Brian said...

Thanks Ben. Although I can't take ALL the credit... well, maybe I can.

Ben said...

I'd have to agree with you and say that Fabrice Fabrice was the man of the day. Cannonball Adderley jokes at 7am? GENIUS!