Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Went to see The Jesus & Mary Chain at Webster Hall last night. Fairly disappointing. I mean, no Scarlett Johansson singing on "Just Like Honey!" Kidding, of course... that is, kidding that I care, not kidding that she didn't sing (instead we got Nicole Gehweiler of The Comas). But the show was completely uninteresting. They played for just over an hour, barely moving an inch around the stage. The music sounded pretty good, except for multiple false starts over the course of the show, but I would've been just as happy listening to their CDs at home. The only excitement came from watching from my perch in the balcony two hooligans moshing throughout the entire show, pissing off everybody around them. By the second song one of them had already gotten into an actual fight, punching an innocent bystander in the face and breaking the poor guy's glasses. This continued throughout the entire concert. Mesmerizing. Also nice work by the opener, the Sam Roberts Band.
There's a more detailed description of the show (including setlist) here, although I completely disagree with his opinion.

When I got home I watched the season finale of 24. Good riddance to the worst season yet. And also good riddance to Sunday's 24 parody episode of The Simpsons. I can't believe I watched it, but I got suckered in by the 400th-episode hype. How they had the balls to air it, after South Park beat them to the punch earlier this year (and made an infinitely funnier episode) is beyond me.

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