Monday, May 28, 2007

Why do seemingly sophisticated Manhattanites turn into slack-jawed yokels at the appearance of a weekend street fair? Literally thousands of people appear out of nowhere to wander aimlessly through booths of crap. Wow, four I Love New York t-shirts for ten bucks. Wow, a "Lucky Bamboo." Wow, $6 for a Nutella crepe. People, you live in New York City! It's the cultural center of the country! Surely you have better places to spend your time and money.

I'm heading to L.A. tomorrow to work on a Live Free or Die Hard movie special for MTV, and I may not post again until I get back on Sunday night. In the mean time, enjoy this NY Times Magazine profile on Judd Apatow. If you read it, make sure you listen to the sidebar mp3 of him interviewing Jerry Seinfeld while in high school.

One more thing: if you're gonna refer to yourself as an "internationally renowned speaker and psychotherapist," and if you're gonna write a serious self-help book, can you really go by the name Flip Flippen? I say no.

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