Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bite Me
Last night at 2:30am, I wake up with an itch on my right ankle. I scratch it and try to fall back to sleep, but it's still itching like crazy. Then so is the sole of my left foot. And my left bicep. I turn on the lights and discover I've got mosquito bites on all three spots.
I can't see a thing, because my contacts are out, so I put on my glasses and try to spot the little bloodsucker. No luck. I want to go back to sleep, but I keep thinking that the mosquito will bite me again. So I completely submerge myself under my sheet. It's really hot under there, but I refuse to leave any part of my body exposed.
After about an hour, I still haven't fallen asleep, so I take a chance and expose my head to cool off. Big mistake. A couple minutes later, my right cheek starts to itch. Bitten again. I'm being attacked on all fronts (much like Tony on Sunday night's awesome episode of The Sopranos). So back under the sheet I went. And that's where I stayed until dawn.
There were no more bites, but also practically no sleep. Overall a terrible night (much like Sunday night's nearly-unwatchable episode of Entourage).

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