Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well I'm back at Cash Cab. It's been just over two months... hopefully that's enough time to have recharged my question-writing batteries.
A few things have changed since the last time. First of all, the quota has dropped from 30 questions a day to 25. Secondly, this season will be Cash Cab: After Hours. No, it won't be transforming into Taxicab Confessions. But it will be taped at night, feature slightly edgier questions, and target drunken hipster contestants instead of yuppie ones. All of the above should make the work a bit easier.
And one last Cash Cab note... host Ben Bailey is up for a Daytime Emmy tomorrow for Outstanding Game Show Host. He's up against some stiff competition: Meredith Vieira, Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, and (in his final year) Bob Barker. I doubt he'll win. But I'd like to see any of the other nominees host a game show while driving a cab in New York City traffic.

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