Friday, June 22, 2007

You know what's been bugging me a lot lately? People wearing huge backpacks on the subway who don't take them off their backs when they sit down. It's bad enough that the seats are barely small enough to fit a normal-sized person... now you're gonna take up twice as much room because you can't be bothered to put your damn bag on the floor? Are you scared someone's gonna steal it? Or are you just a lazy selfish jackass?
You know what else really bothers me? That Paris Hilton is (allegedly) getting paid $1 million for an NBC interview once she gets out of jail. Even more appalling is that after ABC offered $100,000, a source (which the New York Times claims is Paris's father) turned it down, saying that amount was "in a completely different galaxy" than NBC's bid. The Hilton family is worth $300 million dollars... do they really need this money? And why should she get paid at all? Is it to justify her spending the time in jail? What happened to Paris accepting responsibility and serving because it was the right thing to do? Hell, I'd be tempted to spend 23 days in jail for $1 million. Sickening.

So this post isn't completely negative, here's a website I approve of. I've always been one to pull for Mattingly making the Hall of Fame... glad to know I'm not the only one.

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