Thursday, June 07, 2007

Two brothers were working together in the office where I was in an edit. They were probably in their late 20s or early 30s, both married (or at least both sported wedding bands), and if they weren't identical twins, they were damn close. Besides the genetic similarities, they both had the same facial hair, both wore black t-shirts with cargo shorts, both wore the exact same sneakers, and both sported the same close-cropped haircut. Totally nice guys, and I have nothing against them whatsoever. But it just made me wonder: at what point should this end? It's cute when twin toddlers are dressed the same. For grown men, it's just creepy. And how did it happen? If they're both married, I'm guessing they don't share a house. How do they know what they'll each be wearing? Do they check in with each other each morning? Do they shop together? And the hair. Did they talk about it beforehand? Or did one of them grow a beard first, and the other one decided that looked good and followed suit? If I had a twin and the other was copying my every move, I'd probably get annoyed.
Never mind, I'm just rambling.

Also, it's not bad enough that this guy is bound to a wheelchair... now this has to happen? And why is the last 911 caller so hysterical?

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