Friday, August 03, 2007

Tonight I'm off on a week-long family vacation to the Canadian Rockies. So no updated until I get back. To tide you over, here are some things that have really been getting on my nerves lately... or that have always bugged me and I just haven't gotten around to writing about them until now...
- People who take the elevator down in my building from anything lower than the 5th floor. I can understand taking it going up, but unless you're old or injured or are carrying something bulky, use your fucking legs. You're working with gravity anyway. And it's probably faster than waiting for the elevator. Why inconvenience the rest of us just because you're a lazy slug?
- When people write a full message in MySpace / Friendster* comment sections. Comments are supposed to be short... along the lines of "Happy Birthday" or "Great seeing you last night" or "Dude, what's up with your new haircut?" Don't write me a fucking e-mail... that's why they have an entirely separate message section.
- The subway. I know this is not a new complaint, but why can't there be one fucking day when all the subway lines are running normally, without bypassing stations, running at half-speed, stopping in-between stations, etc.?
- The jackhammering outside my apartment. They're building a luxury high-rise, which means they have to dig the world's biggest hole for the foundation. I get that, but why do they start work at 7am? How is this allowed by the city? Instead of having construction hours of 7am-6pm, make it 8am-7pm. That lets us sleep an extra hour... and I'd bet the construction workers wouldn't mind the extra hour of sleep in the morning either.
- People who applaud at movies. Performers on the big screen can't see or hear your applause, so why do it? Naturally you applaud at a concert or at the theater... do you do it when you're watching TV or listening to a CD? Of course not. Don't do it at movie theaters either.

* Note: This probably happens on Facebook as well, but no matter how many people want me to, I refuse to sign up for that site. Enough is enough already.


Tommy Himself said...

Should I stop applauding your posts?

brotherjimmy said...

i am applauding your comment.