Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yesterday, something amazing happened...
Back in June, a few days before Morrissey's scheduled concert at Madison Square Garden, I bought a half-price ticket on Craigslist from a guy who was selling his because his firm ended up renting a box for the show. He seemed like a nice normal guy, not a typical scalper. He even invited me to grab a drink with him and his buddies before the show. No reason to be concerned.
The concert ended up getting cancelled due to Morrissey's throat infection (or possibly slow ticket sales... the show wasn't close to a sell-out). When I learned that tickets could be refunded at point-of-purchase, I initially became excited, thinking I could go to the box office at MSG and get the full ticket price back, thus doubling my money. Alas, the guy at MSG told me that I had to get my money back from Ticketmaster, since that's where the ticket was bought. Which meant that the guy's credit card would simply be credited for the cost.
Knowing this was a long shot, I called the guy and asked him if I could get my money back, since he'd be getting his back. He seemed surprised to hear from me, and said he needed to check with Ticketmaster first, but he'd call me back in a day or so.
Of course that didn't happen, and I figured my money was lost... hell, if I was in his position, I would've just pocketed my money. But lo and behold, a couple weeks ago he sent me a text saying he'd finally gotten his refund and would meet up with me to give my money back. That meeting happened yesterday, and he returned my $42. Not only that, but Morrissey has announced a string of shows at Hammerstein, which would be a much better venue in which to see him live.
Nice to know there's still some good in the world.

On another note, last night I began my new sleep schedule. In bed at 2am (actually 2:05 last night), up at 8am. Naturally I didn't actually fall asleep until about 3:30... the last time I looked at the clock was 3:12. I also woke up once around 6:45, but only briefly. So I'm running on about 4 1/2 hours of sleep.
I'm not sure if I'll be keeping a daily diary of this experiment. A few people have asked me to, but it seems a bit silly for me to just complain every day about how tired I am. Especially since going to bed at 2 and waking up at 8 doesn't seem particularly tortuous. I'll see how this plays out, but I'll probably just give status updates once a week or so to describe if it's working according to the doc's plan.

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Tommy Himself said...

"If I was in his position, I would've just pocketed my money."

Why? That's wrong.

I wish I could get 4 hours of sleep. But you shouldn't worry -- there'll be plenty of time to sleep at the Morrissey show!