Monday, November 10, 2003

Apparently Joe Schmo himself has spun his idiocy into a development deal. Great for him. Sad for television in general. Matt Kennedy Gould (yes, pathetic that I know his real name) is no tv personality. Except for his incredible talent of having his eyes practically bulge out of their sockets, I have no reason to watch him. He's boring. BORING. Remember that woman who was on Ripley's Believe It Or Not who really could have her eyes pop out of their sockets? I think she was also in a pizza commercial or something... she was cool. She should have a development deal. Not MKG. Shame on Spike TV.

On the subject of Joe Schmo, I loved the show. Thought it was great. Until they totally pussied out in the final episode. Why the sugarcoating? Why let him off so easily? They undermined the entire point of the show... make a total jackass out of an unsuspecting moron. But no... they felt bad for him. The "fake" prizes became real and all went ot him. The cast all apologized. Some of them cried. He didn't even seem that upset... just confused (lots of eye-bulging). The show would have been infinitely better had they said "We're all actors... nothing is real... no prizes for you... see ya, putz." Spike TV is a network for men. Men want to see carnage. This was no carnage. Shame on Spike TV.

One more thing... tough weekend for Florida football teams. UM and FSU both lost Saturday; since they are both out of the national title hunt with two losses, I'm officially done with college football for the year, at least with I-A... as for I-AA, Penn wrapped up at least a share of the Ivy League title... can they finish the season undefeated and crack the I-AA Top 10? Am I the only person on earth who cares? Then Fins and Bucs both lost on Sunday. The Dolphins loss was particularly embarrassing. I miss Shula, Marino, the Marks brothers, and Jim Jensen. At least in the late 80s, they had an exciting air attack but no defense and running game to give us hope. How can they be so bad this year with Ricky Williams and a solid D? Shame on Spike TV... er, the Dolphins...

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