Thursday, November 06, 2003

The MTA sucks.

I know that actually it doesn't suck, and that without subways I'd be even more bitter than I am now, but really... is there anything more frustrating than waiting for hours for a subway to come, and when one finally picks you up, it slows down or stops between stations even though you know that there can't be a train for miles ahead? What's the deal, MTA?

Just the waiting for trains is usually bad enough. I'll probably take some heat from Brooklynites, and I know I'm a Manhattan snob, but getting from Brooklyn to Manhattan late at night is one of the worst experiences in the entire city. Last night I went into the NRW station at Prospect Ave. at around 1:30am to head back to Manhattan. Was the only person in the station. Put Def Leppard "Vault" (Greatest Hits, for the ignorant) on the iPod to keep me occupied. Rocked out to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" - no train. "Photograph" - no train. "Love Bites" - no train. "Let's Get Rocked" - no train. "Two Steps Behind" - no train. "Animal" - no train. Finally, a train pulled up during "Foolin'." Now come on, how can they justify such infrequent service? Do they only run 1 of each train at night? I'm just glad I had Def Leppard with me... if anyone can honestly listen to Def Leppard and not like them, even just as a guilty pleasure, they don't deserve ears to listen to music. Or a tongue to spew their idiotic opinions. Or even a life, cause they're just wasting food and air and everything else that should be used by Def Leppard fans.

I don't know how this turned from an anti-MTA post to a pro-Def Leppard post. But get used to reading about Lep, readers... you'll be seeing a lot of them, along with The Simpsons, which is probably the only show that could get away with dissing Def Leppard not once, but twice (DL memorabilia as crappy prizes for Skee-ball and Ring Toss).

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