Thursday, November 13, 2003

Very windy NYC morning... the MTV building is swaying and creaking non-stop... more than a little creepy. Supposed to get cold today... and those 40 mph winds sure won't help. Doesn't bother me, though. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I tell them I like the cold, seeing as how I'm from Florida. But after growing up with 18 years of heat and non-seasons, the cold is a welcome change. Mother Earth, bring it on, biyatch!

Is it illegal to shoot pigeons with an air rifle? Animal cruelty? I really need to look into this, because I'm reaching my breaking point. Normally I have no problem with pigeons, but I have a major problem with the ones that sit on the ledge outside my bedroom window and coo every morning at like 7am. Every freakin' morning. And I either have to try to ignore them (impossible) or drag myself out of bed and rattle the window to get them to scatter, which ruins my comfort zone and only works temporarily. Man, how sweet it would be to be able to pick them off one by one... or maybe I can hire Randy Johnson to eliminate the birds...

Finally today, a quick Simpsons-related link... of all the "inventions" from the show, this is the one that's been emulated? Why not the baby translator? The electric hammer? Even the hamburger ear-muffs or the Everything's Okay alarm?

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