Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Had to see a screening of House of Wax last night. Any guesses on what I thought? If you answered terrible, you are correct. I also would've accepted horrible, awful, stupid, horrendous, and waste of time. Although Paris's acting skills are so bad (especially when she's supposedly running in fear from a killer), they must be seen to be believed. The only thing that made the movie tolerable was that I was sitting next to a friend who has an irrational fear of statues (seriously), which made me nearly burst out laughing knowing his discomfort during close-ups of the wax figures.

And by the way, why does the movie poster look like Paris was in the center of a circle-jerk?

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Suzanne said...

Heh!....Paris Hilton in the middle of a circle jerk. Isnt that supposed to be out on DVD soon?? ;)