Friday, April 22, 2005

TRL Moment of the Week
On Wednesday we sent Vanessa outside during the show to chat with fans standing on the sidewalk beneath the studio. We found a fan from Ohio who wanted to propose to girlfriend live on the air. He did so, and the girl said yes, although her answer lacked any enthusiasm and afterwards kissed him on the forehead. We then brought the happy couple upstairs to the studio, where Quddus talked to them some more. He asked if they planned on having a large or small wedding, and the groom-to-be replied “Big.” Quddus, looking surprised, asked, “You can afford that?” The guy said he could. Quddus pressed on: “What do you do, if you don’t mind my asking.” The guy replied, “I own a small record studio and two flooring companies.” Quddus the asked if they planned on having any kids. The guy said "Yeah, like 12." His fiance looked at him as if he was speaking in tongues, and the interview abruptly ended.
I'm not quite sure why one would need to own two flooring companies in a small Ohio town, unless it's a scam in which the first one does a crappy job and then recommends the second one to fix the problems. Regardless, I give the marriage five months, if it happens at all, and of course nobody took up one of our segment producers when he offered to bet $20 that Quddus could hook up with the newly-engaged girl by the end of the show.

TRL Moment of the Week (Honorary Mention due to the fact that it happened to me...)
Partly in response to the gash under my eye, and partly to keep Damien entertained during the show, I wore a Miami Vice t-shirt and sunglasses while floor-producing Monday’s show. The outfit, which was sent to MTV as a promotional tool for the release of Miami Vice Season 1 on DVD, was a long-sleeve tuxedo t-shirt, but instead of looking like a tuxedo, it looked like a pink t-shirt covered by a white sports jacket (with the jacket sleeves rolled up, complete with fake arms).
Towards the end of the show, Damien said “Before we go any further, I just have to show you something.” He then pulled me out in front of the camera and said, “This is our cue-card guy and writer, Brian… I just had to point him out… he’s super creepy dressed like that.” Not expecting it, and not wanting to simply stand there looking like an idiot, I proceeded to mug for the camera, making me look like an even bigger idiot. The crew had a ball making fun of me after the show, and I returned upstairs to find a voicemail and three e-mails from friends who had seen me and had to ask what the fuck I was wearing.
(And no, my valued readers, you cannot get a copy of the tape)

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