Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Last night I get onto an uptown 2 train at Times Square. I'm in the front car, closest to the stairs. A guy in his mid-20's carrying a bomber jacket comes racing down the stairs trying to catch the train, whose doors start to shut. He gets close enough to stick his hand between the doors, but the conductor refuses to open them wide enough for him to step inside, only enough for him to remove his hand. He finally does, but the doors close on his jacket sleeve. When the doors don't immediately open back up, he starts banging on the window.
And that's when the train starts moving.
I see him brace himself, holding on to his portion of the jacket, but as the train picks up speed, the jacket rips right out of his hands. And we ride the rest of the way to 72nd with half a sleeve inside the car and the rest of the jacket flapping like a kite outside the car.
Now a decent person would take the jacket when the doors open and return it to a station agent (not me, of course, but somebody). But when we arrive at 72nd St., one of my fellow passengers grabs the jacket, puts in on, and walks away wearing his brand new bomber jacket.

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