Monday, May 09, 2005

Back from my shoot at Skywalker Ranch, and I must say, even a fervent anti-Star Wars person like myself was helpless to resist its charms. The ranch itself is amazing... 6,500 acres of green mountains stretching in all directions. Storm Troopers and R2D2 & C3P0 roamed the ground, posing for pictures with guests. Lucas's screening room is the best theater I've ever been in, featuring digital picture and sound and plush seats with tons of leg room... and I actually thought Revenge of the Sith was pretty good, although I missed the last 10 minutes (which are supposedly the best of the film)... Lucas still can't write to save his ass (his political discussions are boring and his romantic scenes are cheesy), but he knows how to make exciting action scenes. The show itself seemed to go off without many problems, and once edited together should look really good (make sure you tune in, Friday at 5pm on MTV).

And now, here are some awards for the various guests who attended:
- Biggest Star Wars Fan: Michael Rosenbaum. He hopped out of his limo clad in a Skywalker Inn bathrobe and began attacking people with his personal light-saber. Was like a kid in a candy shop.
- 2nd Biggest Star Wars Fan: Donald Faison. Couldn't get enough pictures taken next to the original X-Wing, with the characters, etc. Also spent quite a bit of time trying to convince Lucas to cast him in any future Star Wars projects. Oh, and his girlfriend is drop-dead gorgeous!
- Best Music Critic: Elijah Wood. As we waited through Good Charlotte's performance before heading to do his interview, he turned to me and summed up GC's entire existence in 5 words: "My God, do they suck!"
- Biggest Assholes: Macaulay & Kieran Culkin. There must be something in the Culkin gene. Kieran flat-out refused to sign a release form, which meant we couldn't film him at all, while Mac's response to a simple interview request was, "I'm gonna finish my cigarette, then I'm gonna think about it," then walking away and never speaking on camera.
- Most Likely to Have Participated in Activities That Would Land You in Page 6: Danny Masterson. I have no proof of anything... but he and his friend did spend a lot of time in the bathroom.
- Most Misunderstood: Topher Grace. While he apparently drove the rest of the crew insane, he was nothing but nice to me. He made playful "Brian Austin Green" jokes, asked me to take photos of him and his friends, and even made a point to come up to Damien and I at the afterparty to say that he's been watching TRL lately and thinks the writing has been much better... he even apologized for dropping out of a show in January (because he was a last-minute replacement for Jennifer Garner to host SNL) and made us promise to write a good sketch for him the next time he comes on.
- Guest I'd Most Like to Pick Up, Hold Upside Down, and Shake Until All His Money Fell Out of His Pockets: George Lucas. For obvious reasons. Also, he's much smaller in person than I expected, like a living teddy bear, so there's nothing he could do if I decided to go ahead with the plan.


Suzanne said...

Elijah Wood can be summed up in one word: HOT!

Tommy Himself said...

...but if you're looking for another one, try eunuch.

Anonymous said...

What's up with Macaulay Culkin and his brother anyway? I can't believe they acted like a couple of snobby cunts!!

MB said...

I just now saw this.

My geek sense has apparently failed me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! The whole thing at Skywalker Ranch must have been amazing.