Thursday, May 26, 2005

TRL Moment of the Week
Yesterday, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" stars Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn stopped by (they were slightly less interesting during their interview than cardboard cutouts of them would have been). As they entered, VJVanessa took them to the window to wave to their fans. Spotting some sailors in the crowd, she said:
"Look, even some sailors came to see you... from the sea!"
She then clarified her statement thusly:
"Well it is Fleet Week, which is why there are sailors here... from the sea."

TRL Lowpoint of the Year
I've been informed that starting June 13th, TRL will air live at 2pm instead of 5pm for the remainder of the summer. That means our morning meeting has been moved up from 10am to 9am, and that presumably we'll get our earlier in the evening.
Now I know what you're gonna say... "Boo-hoo, Brian, you have to get to work at 9am. Poor baby." Well screw you. I'm used to starting at 10, so getting up an hour earlier sucks. If you learned you had to wake up an hour earlier every day, you'd be upset too.
And for those of you who think it's better to come in earlier and leave earlier, that's nonsense too. Getting out at 5:30pm instead of 6:30pm makes no difference at all, because nobody makes plans for 5:30 anyway, and the extra hour of daytime is no reward for me, as sunlight is my pasty-white skin's arch nemesis.


Anonymous said...

If you can't get your sorry ass to work by 9am then you've got serious problems

Megs said...

Two words for you, Brian: Happy Hour! Just think how much cash you'll save when you're downing $2 well Long Islands and whiskey sours!

Brian said...

I've been posting to this blog for a year and a half and you're just now noticing I've got serious problems? You must be new around these here parts...

another anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous...
He also never wrote that he couldn't get to work by 9, assclown.