Monday, May 02, 2005

This weekend's Family Guy Live was a major disappointment (at least the Saturday 10pm show was). Although it wasn't so much the show's fault... I've just never been in an audience so filled with obnoxious morons (and given that I sit through 5 TRL tapings a week, that's a big accomplishment). Why did these jerkoffs think people would rather listen to them yell out quotes from the show or "Mila, where do you bartend?" than to hear the cast perform a script read-through? Although even without the comments, it was hard listening to the read-through, as the fans knew the episode so well that they'd laugh and cheer before every punchline. It took them 70 minutes to read the 22-minute episode.
Then the Q&A started, and things really took a nosedive. Questions ran the gamut from "Mila, can I eat your poop?" to "Since I was gonna ask if I could eat Mila's poop but that guy stole my thunder, can I eat Alex's poop?" Fascinating stuff, really.
The highlight of the evening was getting to see the first act of the first new episode, although I (and the rest of the east coast) watched the same footage 20 hours later in much more comfortable environment. Quite a disappointing night. But at least it signals the return of a laugh-out-loud funny animated sitcom on Fox on Sunday nights, which has been lacking for quite some time now.

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