Monday, May 23, 2005

Over the weekend I watched the biggest mind-fuck of a movie I've ever seen: Primer. A seriously low-budget movie (I think around $7,000), it's about a group of inventors who build stuff in their garage, and two of them build a box that is supposed to do one thing but in fact turns out to be a time machine. Then some stuff happens that I didn't quite understand, and they build a bigger box that they can fit into and travel back in time (they go back a day so that they can make money on the stock market or betting on sports)... although it's possible their doubles from the future built the bigger boxes already and the current versions simply discover it... and either there are two of each of them at any given moment, or three, or just one... I really have no idea. And for some reason their ears bleed and they lose their ability to write after too much time travel. And the guy you think was the first to time-travel actually isn't... at least that's what I think. I really don't have a clue. Even after watching the DVD with director's commentary 24 hours after seeing it the first time, I'm still just as confused. But it's a really well-made, gripping movie.
And if I ever figure out what the hell I saw, I'll like it even more.

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