Thursday, July 28, 2005

Canadian Rockies Vacation Photos
Sorry they're long overdue. Also sorry that there aren't people in any of them (I've been accused of scanning postcards and not having actually gone on vacation)... but I know what I look like... why ruin the scenery by putting myself in the shots?

Looking over Lake Louise towards the Plain of Six Glaciers. It took me several hours and quite a sunburn to reach there.

View of Fairmont Chateau (an excessively expensive hotel) from the other side of Lake Louise. Just before my climb to the PoSG.

Finally at the PoSG. My skin is scorched by the time I reach here. Only I would get the worst sunburn of my life in the Canadian Rockies of all places.

Elk. Cute elk.

It's even beautiful when it's cold and cloudy (which fortunately was rare).

Peyto Lake. Big and blue and beautiful.

Valley of the Five Lakes. One of my friends likes this picture so much, he's gonna blow up a version of it and hang it in his apartment. I'm honored. And I like it too.

Sunwupta Falls. So cool the way the water surrounds the trees.

Deer. Also cute. Too bad it refused to turn around and pose for a photo.

Boom Lake. This is my favorite pic. The water is like a giant mirror.

The outskirts of Jasper. The town looks like it's filled with Mom & Pop stores that are actually fast food restaurants and "I Love Jasper" keychain vendors. Too touristy for my taste.

Athabasca Glacier off of Icefield Parkway. You can actually climb onto (and fall to your death in, as many of the danger signs warn). Fortunately I survived. Posted by Picasa

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