Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Movie-related Links Galore

- I can't wait to see the new movie The Aristocrats. I don't know if this South Park version is in the movie or if it was just made separately, but it's hilarious.

- McFarlane Toys is releasing a line of Napoleon Dynamite action figures in November. The Kip is my favorite, love the tetherball one too, but I wish the Pedro one had him whacking the Summer pinata.

- This article about an FBI agent disagreeing with New Line's fake purple hearts promotion for Wedding Crashers is interesting. While I can understand his point, I think he's taking the issue way too seriously. But the best part is that Google's ad generator found it fit to place a link to a site that sells fake purple hearts right below the article.

- This is really theater-related, not movie-related, but Huey Lewis will be hitting the Broadway stage in November in the long-running Chicago. No word yet if The News will join him in the ensemble.

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