Monday, July 11, 2005

Over the weekend I got a call from my high school asking for updated contact info for me, as they're putting together a massive alumni directory. Which has inspired me to update you all on my school's most famous alum, Mary Carey.

Here's her recent appearance on The Daily Show.

And here's her latest Diary entry:
Tuesday, July 5th
Hey people, sorry I haven't written for so long. I have been partying way too much. Check out some of the cool party pics at . Just search my name on the site. On Sunday night I celebrated Hannah's birthday. Last night I went bowling. Today I am getting a colonic. I love cleaning my colon. Anyway, e-mail me.

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Becca said...

MC (or the girl formerlly known as MEC) looked stoned. Glad to know a PC education is worth something!