Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Last night I did laundry in the basement of my building and came back upstairs to fold, only to discover that someone before me must have left a pen or something in the dryer because half of my clothes were now COVERED in purple ink stains. Including my irreplaceable classic Hypercolor shirt.
After a quick consultation with my lawyer roommate (and lawyer father), I learned that the building would not be responsible to pay for the clothes, as "ink in the dryer" is not a foreseeable problem that could have been prevented, so I can't claim negligence on their part. Stupid law.
If anyone has any vintage XL t-shirts lying around that they'd like to donate to the Clothe Brian Fund, please let me know.
Update: Good advice from a friend... the XL is because I am tall, not fat. Not that there's anything wrong with being fat... I'm just not.


Tommy Himself said...

You lost me at "Last night I did laundry in the basement."

Pred said...

I have an XS t-shirt, but then you'd have to be emo.