Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Open Arms-egeddon It
So I just heard a pretty exciting tour rumor (at least I think it's pretty exciting... feel free to disagree, and I know a lot of you will): Def Leppard and Journey touring together. I can't find anything confirmed, but I got an e-mail from Q104 with a link to a Def Leppard presale page. Unfortunately when you go to that page, you get an error message. I checked the Def Leppard official site, which has nothing in the tour section but does have rumblings in the message board. Ditto the Journey official site, although their message board seems more confident.
More on this developing story as I get it.

*Update: I just heard from an inside source that Steve Perry will be reuniting with Journey at the Grammys tonight. That's good news, especially if it means he'll sign on for the above tour.

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