Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sweet, another Russian MySpace message...

My name is O____.
I live in Russia, me of 26 years.
I want to meet the man which will be my second half in a life.
I very much like children, I like to listen to classical music.
I the cheerful girl dreaming to find second half.
Any girl dreams of it, so it seems to me.
It is a little about itself,
I work at school as the teacher I not once heard, how Russian girls
Leave abroad and find there the love, and I too to try have decided,
And suddenly to me too will carry. And in general I was persuaded by the girlfriend to go on this site
And in general she has convinced me that people meet through the Internet
Then people meet also love becomes even stronger.
You have liked me.If I have liked you, we can meet.
Write to me on my mail box,
I shall answer you all questions.to me on mine
Email ********-******@mail.ru

Maybe I should take a trip to Russia... I'd have to have better luck over there than here.

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