Monday, February 06, 2006

Quick thoughts on last night's Super Bowl:
- Fairly boring game, but congrats to the Steelers. They definitely deserved it.
- Karma is a bitch. I had drafted Josh Brown in my fantasy football league, only to waive him after a bad couple weeks to start the season. Then last night he misses a field goal to end the first half, which had he made it would have won me $100 in my Super Bowl pool.
- The Rolling Stones performance was an abomination. Why was Mick Jagger singing like Tweety Bird ("cwy" instead of "cry")? Next year they should take a page from The Simpsons and book Hooray for Everything's "salute to the greatest hemisphere on earth, the Western Hemisphere! The dancingest hemisphere of all!"
- Commercials were very weak. I think my favorite was the one where the doctors kill the fly with the defibrillator. Most appalling was the "Addicted to Lost" promo. To change the words to that classic song, especially after Robert Palmer's death, is practically sacrilegious. For shame, ABC.
- If The Bus retires, it's great that he goes out as Super Bowl champ. Pity, though, that he couldn't score on those two goal-line runs.
- For much more interesting Super Bowl blogging than mine, check Chuck Klosterman's Page 2 diary.


Snoozeville said...

That last link could have been to anywhere.

Tommy Himself said...

The Steelers wanted me to thank you for congratulating them.

Brian said...

Well, anywhere except CtBL...