Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well I've been had. The Journey reunion at the Grammys never happened. I should have instead reported on Paul McCartney playing with Jay-Z & Linkin Park, which I also knew about from my insider. But no... I went with the Journey story, and now I seem like I'm full of shit. Plus I think that the Q104 e-mail is the same one I received 11 months ago... it would make sense, as they had a presale for Def Leppard's summer concert with Bryan Adams and it mentions Steve Winwood's concert at the Beacon, which took place last Spring. So it's doubtful that tour will happen, at least in the near future. My readers will never believe another thing I write.
On a related note, I heard that George Lucas is releasing a special edition DVD of Howard the Duck, in which he's adding 25 minutes of never-before-seen footage and replacing Howard with a competer-animated one. Can't wait...

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Richard said...

Wait. Now you want all (5) of us loyal readers to believe this Howard The Duck DVD bullshit after the Journey hoax? Fuck you! It will be years before I can even start thinking about trusting someone ever again.

You are now, officially, my shrink's best friend.