Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is pretty ridiculous... in doing research on Paul Walker for his TRL appearance next week, I stumbled upon this game for his new movie Running Scared. It's a full game in which, as Paul's character, you drive around and kill people, except for the round where you go home and eat out your wife until she orgasms. Yes, and this is on New Line Cinema's official site for the movie. You can access it by going here, clicking on Play Mature Levels, registering for the age verification (make sure pop-up blocker is turned off), then entering the cheat code YUGORSKY (I have no idea what that means). Once the game starts, drive in the direction of the pointing red arrow until you get home... and that's where the fun* really begins.
Unfortunately, the chances of us being able to ask him about this on the air are probably less than nil.

* Note: I've played the game, and it's pretty easy to bring her to climax... much easier than with a real woman... although it's also less fun.


Anonymous said...

You might want to watch out. That sites server is a spam sender.

Becca said...

Regarding you lovely, starred note: TMI! More information that I never needed about the life of Brian. Must. Go. Wash. Brain. With. Soap.