Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pamela Anderson the Actor Has the Emotional Range of Terri Schiavo*
I recently received the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson Uncensored DVD and watched it this weekend. Having already seen the show when it aired over the summer, I still agree with what I wrote after my first viewing. The jokes hold up the 2nd time around, especially the bust-a-gut-funny sets from Giraldo, DiPaolo, and Lampanelli. And let me tell you, dirty jokes are unquestionably funnier when they are left dirty as opposed to being bleeped. The DVD adds a few minutes of unbroadcast footage (fortunately not from Eddie Griffin's bomb attempt, although I'm glad he attended so that DiPaolo could crack "Eddie, I've seen all your movies... in a dumpster!"). Most of it consists of Courtney Love attempting to defend Pam from the jokes but simply making an ass of herself. I tell you, people should hire her out during big pressure situations to take the focus off of themselves. Need to give bad news during a press conference? Have Courtney stand next to you yelling at interviewers "Shut up! Be nice!" I'm sure she'd be up for it... gotta get her crack money somehow.
The DVD also has some extras:
- a short rehearsal segment in which Andy Dick helps Courtney craft a joke (this segment also shows that Courtney is at least 40 pounds heavier than you think she is).
- 20 minutes of Red Carpet interviews that are funny because the interviewer (some girl named Natasha) may be the worst interviewer I've ever seen, but her subjects are too wasted to care or too unfamous to complain. Worth watching to see Anna Nicole Smith, who looks like her genes have been spliced with a Clydesdale, saying that her dress "is from an Italian designer, sent from Italy" and promoting her movie while refusing to say the name of that movie (that's marketing genius at its best).
- Red Carpet outtakes, including Dennis Rodman being humble and sincere for the first time in his life.
- A segment called Pee Break in which Courtney tells Eddie Griffin that "African-Americans know who [she is] because [she's] been arrested."
- Comedy Central Quickies for Mind of Mencia, Reno 911, and South Park (the SP one is a great 3 minute bit with Paris Hilton that proves it's still the funniest cartoon on television).
Even if you've seen it already, I would recommend picking this up. You'd be hard-pressed to find another DVD so packed with jokes.

* So sayeth Nick DiPaolo in the best joke of the night (er, tied with Geraldo's "Adam Carolla looks like Pete Samprass with Down Syndrome")

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