Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aw Yeah! Aw Fuck!
The other day the Best Drama and Best Comedy top-ten Emmy finalists were leaked. The good news is, Friday Night Lights has made the cut... so far. The bad news is, where the hell is The Wire? How can it have been pushed out of the way by the worst... season... ever of 24? To be fair the producers of 24 only submitted the first hour, which was pretty incredible; if voters didn't watch the whole season, I'm sure they'd be impressed. By the same token, a viewer who doesn't watch The Wire regularly and only sees one random episode would probably be quite lost. But anyone who watched the full seasons of both shows can't deny that The Wire wins hands-down. I would say it's better than any of the 10 on that list. It gets no respect, I tell ya... no respect.

Also, Two and a Half Men but no South Park?

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