Monday, July 02, 2007

The Thrilling Conclusion of my DVR Adventures
I called Time Warner when I got home from work on Friday, again explained what the problem was, and was told that there is no problem with their system and that it must be my DVR that's at fault. Somehow I was able to schedule an appointment for Saturday, and the technician came exactly between the scheduled hours. Unfortunately, he informed me that my DVR was “fried” and he had to swap it out. There’s no way to transfer saved data from one box to another, because Time Warner is scared that people will share shows with other users (Would anyone really carry around a DVR box to someone else's place to transfer a show? That seems highly unlikely to me...). He also told me that if I’m taping lots of long programs, I’d be better off using a VCR or recordable-DVD. Which seems to go against the entire point of having a DVR in the first place, but whatever.
The new one seems to be working just fine. For now.

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Tommy Himself said...

You said this would be "thrilling."