Friday, July 13, 2007

I've been playing this paper airplane simulator for the past 5 minutes, and will probably spend another, oh, 16,243 doing it. Lots of fun for the office. So far my best distance is 59.663m. Can you beat me? Probably...

For fun at home, especially if you're not getting any "fun" at home, try this: Vulva, the artificial vaginal scent. Can this really be real?

Update: New high score: 71.259. Why can't I stop?

Update 2: A monster throw just put me at 101.514. I'm sure I'll never duplicate that, so I think I'm gonna retire. However it's still just 80,270 on the global rank. How do people get so much farther than I do?


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Uncle Grambo said...

This was fun, but I could never get further than 38 meters!