Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I've just wrapped up my second stint at Cash Cab. Current question tally: 1,826. That's still 2nd place on their all-time list, but there's no way I'm catching the champ (he's at just under 4,000 and still going). But nobody is close to catching me at the moment either.
We were writing for Cash Cab: After Dark this time around, which meant they were looking for edgier questions. But apparently the following questions I wrote were deemed too edgy and rejected:
Given its resemblance to a crustacean, pubic lice is more commonly referred to as what?

- Crabs
What personal lubricant is commonly used to represent slime in films, including Alien and Ghostbusters?
- K-Y Jelly (also accept Panitsa Jelly)
Currently used purely for pleasure, what device was originally invented to help doctors cure female hysteria?
- Vibrator
What synonym for runway is used to describe the hair left on a female after a Brazilian Wax?
- Landing strip
Cash Cab is a good job, but it's nice to get a break from writing questions to rechange my batteries. Hopefully it'll also allow me to put some more effort into this site... the effort has been sorely lacking of late.

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