Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Excellent news from my friend who had been stationed in Iraq:

I've finally returned to the land of the living. Our advance unit arrived in GA on Tuesday and I've slept, spent, and drank my way to today. To all, my NEW cell is (***) ***-****...and I'm trying my best to get internet hooked up soon (I'm on a library comp w/ a 15 min time limit).
Other than that, just happy as hell to be back and sorry that I couldn't spend New Years with you guys. Thanks for all the greetings I didn't see until now...
Take care, I'll write you personally as soon as I get my computer running, and be patient....block leave will be here soon!
This computer says I have 2 minutes left, so I'll wrap it up and talk to you later....
Smiling widely,

Thus ends (at least temporarily) many many months of concern for his safety and well-being. I hope that anyone else who has friends or family serving overseas get to experience a similar sense of relief soon.

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