Friday, January 20, 2006

I know this is a few days late, but... I watched the series premiere of Love Monkey the other night. Even though I dislike Tom Cavanagh, and even though the previews looked terrible, I gave it a shot. And it was surprisingly watchable and occasionally amusing (except for the ridiculous forced "guy talk").
However, I just have to point out that "Essential Bob Dylan" does not have every song he ever recorded... it is a 30-track greatest-hits album. I know I'm being nitpicky, but for a show that's about the music industry and striving to be credible, they can do better than that. Hell, make up a fake compilation if you have to. Not that anybody should believe that Dylan's entire catalog can fit into a 2-disc set...
Yes, I know I've sunk to a new level of music geekdom. And I'm not even that big a Dylan fan!


lindsay said...

It's okay, I watched it with a guy and he snickered at that part. "Yeah, as if there would or will be an album with every Dylan song ever recorded." I hated the show. It was just an hour long series of well-worn cliches. Starting with the token black guy!

Tommy Himself said...

Oh, the many ways and reasons I HATED that bag of shit they called a TV show!

Yes, I too was all over that fucked up Dylan comment. It's bad enough to say it once. But wasn't that same line delivered twice? By two different characters?! Disgusting.

Um, these four guys are best "buds," closeasthis, always hanging out and having guy-chat, and three of them don't know their ex-ballplayer friend is gay. Alright.

And about that ex-ballplayer friend. Did you catch the reference that he played in the 2000 World Series? Yyyyyyeah. So he played for the Yankees or Mets, and he walks the streets of NYC -- even plays hoops on the public courts -- entirely unnoticed and unregarded?

Dear Producers of Love Monkey;
Fuck you. Your show is something Nick Hornby left in his diaper about 40 years ago.

Love Monkey is sloppy, poorly researched, and disrespectful to anyone who likes music. Or New York City. Or love. Or watching TV.

Judy Greer is wasted on this show. Let's quick get her over to Scrubs for a guest spin that could snap that show out of its somnambulance.

But I'm not done with you, Love Monkey. How about an A&R guy who, when he sputters a list of his musical idols, can name an artist post-1978? How about not insulting me with a throwaway line like when the young folkie kid asks "What's Sid Vicious's real name?" Why was he asking, what would he care, and what did that have to do with ANY of the rest of the show's content? NOTHING. It's an example of a TV writer sprinkling a dash of "cool" into his script. But it was clunky and patronizing.

Tell ya what. Take it off the air, give me 10 weeks with Cavanaugh and Greer and a production staff of my choosing, and I'll retool that show into a smart, subtle comedic exploration of urban romance in the world of the New York City music biz.


Thanks for the time and space here, Brian Last Stop!

ben said...

I'm not defending the 2000 World Series remark, but if, let's say, it was Todd Zeile or Jose Vizcaino (just saying) walking in New York.... not many people who know who it was.