Sunday, January 01, 2006

Soy Un Perdedor
After making it all the way to the end of my NFL Suicide Pool, I put all my faith in Drew Bledsoe and the Dallas Cowboys for Week 17.
And boy, did I choose poorly. (Ben, you were right)
So not only did I have to wait while everyone else picked correctly earlier in the day (3 people had Pittsburgh, and 1 won with San Francisco of all teams), but after waiting for the very last game of the regular season, I watched the Cowboys self-destruct against a pathetic Rams team. 20-10, final score. And that's it for me (and the one other moron who also went with Dallas). Instead of sharing in the $6,000 pot, I'm simply out $150.
But almost worse than the loss (emphasis on the word almost) is that I had to sit through ESPN's coverage of the game. Never have I been more annoyed by commentators. Since it was the last of ESPN's Sunday night games (starting next season they'll show Monday Night Football instead), the commentators had their noses up each other's asses the entire 3+ hours, saying how much fun they've had over the past 19 years, how much they love each other, how much they'll miss each other... I wanted to vomit. It was as if they weren't even there to cover the game. Who do they think they are? This is not the end of some grand cultural institution. Get over yourselves! At one point in the 2nd quarter, Pat Sommerall joined them in the booth to reminisce. Which they did for a good 5 minutes, not once commenting on the action happening on the field, which included one of the longest punts I've ever witnessed being called back on a penalty and a beautiful-looking catch being ruled an incompletion. In ignoring their actual duties, they basically revealed that their job is pointless. Guess we don't need commentators at all. Good riddance to ESPN's Sunday Night Football.
To sum up: I'm a loser baby.
So why don't you kill me?

P.S. On a lighter football note, I finally tracked down the clip from last week of the jackass Cleveland Browns fan running onto the field only to get bodyslammed by a Pittsburgh Steeler. And in doing so, I discovered an amazing sports blog. This will definitely cut into my downtime at work.


Your Other Half said...

Still waiting for my 75 dollar correction on this post, ol' buddy.

Brian said...

Fine, fine... my buddy over at Chasing the Black Line was my silent partner in this. So he's as big a loser as I am. Bigger, in fact.
Happy now?

Your Other Half said...

Actually, no, I'm not happy with that, Brian. You chintzy bitch. Silent partner? And you made a correction in a comment space as opposed to a new post? Bigger loser? Than you? I always felt like we were equal until that last comment.


ben said...

How the fuck had 3 teams not picked Pittsburgh ALL season?? How does that even happen? Jesus!