Friday, January 13, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
On Tuesday, LL Cool J dropped by to promote his new movie Last Holiday. Since he began rapping when he was 9 years old, we brought in a 9-year-old rapper to show his skills to LL... an adorable rapper named Young Zay. Pretty impressive stuff for his young age, although I think he needs to harden up a bit. Here's my favorite line of his:
Don't gimme ya comb, cause you may have lice
And that ain't nice

Honorable Mention
Evangeline Lilly (who looks absolutely stunning in person) paid us a visit on Wednesday. In a Get-to-Know segment, we asked her what song reminded her of growing up. Her answer: The Damned, "Jet Boy, Jet Girl." She claims that her parents used to play it for her when she was a child. I'd never heard it before, and didn't recognize it even after she sang it to me backstage. But after finding the lyrics, I can guess that she must've had one fucked-up childhood.


Anonymous said...

I hear LL is in an awesome new movie called SLOW BURN. Did he mention when it would be out?

Brian said...

"Awesome," you say? That's odd... the way he described it, it's called SLOW BURN because viewers feel like they're slowly burning in hell.