Thursday, January 19, 2006

MTA, I'm sick of riding subways at night* that have to crawl through tunnels at like 4 mph even though there is no traffic in front of them, simply because your workers won't move off the tracks. Yes, I know they have important maintenance work to do. But when they hear the horn blare, clear a path. Is it so hard to take 3 steps to the side so the train can get past? If they're too slow or stupid to get out of the way of a giant fucking train, then maybe they deserve to get run over.
And hiring conductors who try to be cutesy by saying "Good morning, good morning, good morning… oh, and did I say good morning?" does not make it better.

* Note: I am prone to cut them more slack when this happens at 3 in the morning, but not at 9pm, which is still prime-time for subway travel.

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